Our company consists of two main divisions: Industry and Commerce.


Our industrial division is mainly concerned with the design, development and manufacturing of electromechanical structures, locks and actuators. Currently we manufacture and sell products we developed. Our operation has many base pillars. These are innovation, professional experience, a well-developed contact network, and an optimal operation strategy defined by circumstances and options. We are planning to appear on the international market with our products.

Our currently marketed product is the Mechanical Unit VI. Engine compartment lock, an electromechanical locking device that provides protection against unauthorized opening of the engine bonnet. It also provides aesthetic visibility built into the vehicle’s engine compartment due to its modern design and stainless steel material.

Mechanical Unit VI. electromechanical engine compartment lock.
It has a compulsory General Application License approved by the Transport Authority of the Ministry of National Development.

For all alarm installation and installation companies we recommend the Mechanical Unit VI. mototérzárunkat. Which is a world class product of its kind.

The qualification tests were carried out by TÜV Rheinland Kft.

Our products are patent protected.

Responsible leader:
István Andor Sümegi
Manager, Inventor


Our company has 17 years of professional and commercial experience regarding selling stationery and office supplies, as the successor of Ági Papír-Írószer Nyomtatvány Üzlet.

Professional and commercial experience, courtesy, a well-built contact network, and the efficient and professional supply we provide to our partner companies, along with solutions tailored to their individual needs, are our foundation. Currently we supply our steady business partners with stationary products.

Responsible leader:
Ágnes Sipos